How to Properly Hang a Mirror

There are many benefits of decorating interior rooms with mirrors. These versatile home accents add depth, which make small areas appear larger, and can make a big style statement. If you’re considering a mirror for your home, it’s best to have a plan before making a selection. What should you know about mirror placement?

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Placement Can Vary

The first question to ask yourself is which room the mirror will be hung. For a bathroom, make sure there is enough wall height to hang the mirror several inches above the sink to avoid excessive water backsplash. When it comes to the dining room, the mirror should be strategically placed to avoid glare from the main light fixture.

Mirrors also look great in hallways, as they give the illusion of space to narrow areas. Placed above an accent table, you’ll be able to catch your reflection on the way in and out.

Making a Selection

Once you have decided where the mirror will go, bring your room dimensions and wall measurements to one of our showrooms. Our expert staff will show you some mirrors that are appropriately sized for your needs. From there, you can pick the style and features that suit your existing home layout and decor.

Tips to Hang a Mirror

When it comes time to hang the mirror, make sure you have someone to help hold it while you measure the ideal wall height. Once it’s level, mark the wall on top of the mirror, as well as on either side of the hanging brackets. Next, measure the distance between the brackets and mark where you will install the hardware. From here, do a final level check and drill in your hardware. For heavier mirrors, studs are recommended to better support the weight.

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Quick Tips for Lighting Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to accessorizing your home and landscape, many people are focused on the aesthetics. While style is certainly important, size and functionality are critical to properly illuminate a space. For outdoor living, fixtures should disperse enough light to help guests see where they’re walking and highlight the best features of your lawn. Learn more about lighting your exterior spaces!

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Pathway Lighting

Kichler Path LightStarting at the foot of your driveway, would someone be able to see the way to your front door at nighttime? Path lights leading to the entryway provide safety and security when the sun goes down.

The fixtures should be placed about six to eight feet apart or closer, depending on how bright of a glow you want, with additional step or spotlights as needed.

Porch Lighting

How big is your front porch? The area covered will determine the size and number of fixtures needed. For instance, a wraparound will require more illumination than a stoop but choosing oversized fixtures could make a big space look smaller.

The outdoors are a natural space, so less artificial light is often better for ambiance. A few recessed cans or hanging lanterns add a light glow that doesn’t overwhelm the area.

If your porch has a large seating area to accommodate several guests, the light and air circulation from an outdoor ceiling fan could also be beneficial.

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What to Know About Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans are a great way to supplement your home cooling system during the summer months. These multi-purpose fixtures can cool off indoor and outdoor living areas without driving up your energy bills. What about the distribution of warm air? Ceiling fans can also be used in the fall and winter months to spread warm air throughout an interior space. Learn more about how this process works!

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Change Fan Settings

Fanimation SpitfireIf your ceiling fan has a reversible direction motor, it can be set to run clockwise during cooler times of year. Typically, a ceiling fan runs counterclockwise to pull air down and cool a space. The opposite direction pulls cold air up and dispenses it throughout a room as warm air.

Using a ceiling fan in colder weather allows homeowners to set their thermostats lower and save money on heating costs!

How to Adjust Motor

First, make sure the fan is turned off. Manually, you can toggle the motor switch into its new position. More advanced models may be adjusted from the remote control settings.

Benefits of Year-Round Use

According to Energy Star, you can save 8 to 10 percent on heating costs over a 24-hour period for every degree back the heating system is set. Rely less on your home heat source and reap these significant cost savings with a ceiling fan!

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3 Coastal Lighting Tips for Summer

You may not live by the beach but can feel like you’re on island time with the right lighting and decor for the home. It’s important to have at least one room in the home to relax and unwind! While coastal style creates a calming environment any time of year, it’s seaside appeal makes it an ideal makeover for the summertime. How can you transform your living spaces to exude coastal style?

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Open, Nautical Fixtures

coastal style room When it comes to coastal charm, less is more. Take a minimalistic approach with fixtures that reflect natural light and complement the soft tones of natural materials. Common lighting styles you may see in a coastally designed room include:

  • Island Pendants
  • Flush Mounts
  • Globe Pendants
  • Lanterns
  • Wagon Wheel Chandeliers
  • Bell Pendants

These fixtures reflect the carefree nature of life at the beach. Exposed light bulbs and nautical elements, like woven rope detailing, offer a welcome break from every day stresses!

Reminiscent of the Beach

Surround yourself with elements that remind you of the beach in the form of lighting and decor. This may include:

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Beat the Heat with Innovative Ceiling Fans

The dog days of summer are upon us and everyone is looking for relief from the heat. Save energy and increase air circulation with stylish ceiling fans for your indoor and outdoor living spaces! Scot Haney of WFSB’s Better Connecticut recently stopped by to see our Vice President, Todd Director, and our display of over 180 ceiling fans for every budget.

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Choosing a Ceiling Fan

When you come to Connecticut Lighting Centers, there are choices, choices and more choices! Where do you begin selecting a ceiling fan?

We have all different shapes and sizes for air movement and aesthetic appeal. We make the process easy for our customers, walking them through the different attributes of fans, including:

  • How much air it moves
  • Varying speeds
  • Light or no light
  • Reversible or not

These attributes are important to help you find the right ceiling fan for the right application.

Ceiling Fans on Display

At our showrooms, we’ve constructed an 8 foot ceiling with fans mounted to it, so you can get an idea of how a fan will look and feel in your home. We chose this height for its accuracy to the typical New England home specifications.

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