3 Coastal Lighting Tips for Summer

You may not live by the beach but can feel like you’re on island time with the right lighting and decor for the home. It’s important to have at least one room in the home to relax and unwind! While coastal style creates a calming environment any time of year, it’s seaside appeal makes it an ideal makeover for the summertime. How can you transform your living spaces to exude coastal style?

Coastal Lighting & Decor

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Open, Nautical Fixtures

coastal style room When it comes to coastal charm, less is more. Take a minimalistic approach with fixtures that reflect natural light and complement the soft tones of natural materials. Common lighting styles you may see in a coastally designed room include:

  • Island Pendants
  • Flush Mounts
  • Globe Pendants
  • Lanterns
  • Wagon Wheel Chandeliers
  • Bell Pendants

These fixtures reflect the carefree nature of life at the beach. Exposed light bulbs and nautical elements, like woven rope detailing, offer a welcome break from every day stresses!

Reminiscent of the Beach

Surround yourself with elements that remind you of the beach in the form of lighting and decor. This may include:

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2019 Outdoor Lighting & Design Trends

Outdoor living areas have become like the rooms in our homes. We furnish, light and accessorize these spaces, to make them more comfortable and inviting. For those who like to spend time in the yard, now is the time to update your landscape for spring and summer! We explore some popular lighting and outdoor design tips for homeowners.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Indoor-Outdoor Connection

porch with outdoor fan and furniture The lines are blurring between indoor and outdoor living spaces – think large picture windows and French patio doors. Make a seamless transition between interior and exterior areas by choosing accents that complement the home’s overall style. For instance, match the farmhouse lighting and accessories of your indoor rooms with rustic furniture and light fixtures for the patio.

Highlight Your Landscape

Focus attention on the favorite features of your landscape with exterior lighting. Bring your flower beds and lush greenery to life with well-placed fixtures that direct light where you want it. Materials like wood and metal complement the natural appeal of the outdoors.

Integrated LED Lighting

Over the years, LED lighting has grown in popularity and continues to evolve. Fixtures are now LED-integrated, with built-in bulbs that last up to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. From flush mounts to wet-rated ceiling fans, enjoy outdoor living in style without the worry of constant light bulb changes, while you save on energy costs!

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What Is Farmhouse Lighting?

Across all industries, old trends resurface and become popular among new generations. For instance, a clothing accessory that was fashionable in the 1990s makes a comeback in 2019. Lighting and interior design styles work the same way. “Farmhouse” was a popular style in the 1800s through mid-20th century that has recently been revived. What do you need to know about farmhouse lighting?

Farmhouse Lighting

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What Defines “Farmhouse”?

ELK Farmhouse Pendant In general, a farmhouse light is any fixture that hangs from a chain or cord. More specifically, this type of lighting is inspired by country or cottage living. It’s timeless, vintage style complements the contemporary design of today’s home, making it easy to integrate with existing decor. Farmhouse style is basic, yet versatile and brings a sense of coziness to the rooms it adorns.

How to Design a Farmhouse Look

Whether you want “industrial warehouse” or a more simplified look, there are many ways to bring farmhouse charm to your living spaces.

Make a Statement

Farmhouse fixtures will stand out against the clean lines and surfaces of modern home design. If your kitchen has white walls and a white island, imagine the boldness of black or bronze light fixtures hanging from above.

Keep It Simple

For a softer look, consider seeded glass, galvanized steel or distressed wood. These materials are popular for farmhouse fixtures because they can easily match or blend in with existing colors in a room design.

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4 Ways to Improve Home Functionality

Today’s world is all about convenience and connectivity. What’s the next big product that will advance technology and make our lives easier? At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we carry a variety of products that enhance the home experience, including keyless entry systems, lighting control systems and motorized window shades. If your home lacks functionality, we have 4 ways to improve its practicality without compromising style.

Modern Home Products

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Wall Switch Solutions

Legrand, a lighting industry leader for over 110 years, makes it a delight to hit the lights with their adorne® collection of switches, outlets, dimmers and wall plates. If the lights are constantly left on in your home when rooms are not in use, adorne® could be the solution. Their motion sensor dimmer switches turn the lights on and off as you go, with the option for manual control.

When you need to install more lights in a room, you don’t have to worry about traditional switches distracting from the ambiance. The adorne® collection features a wide range of colors and customizable options to match your existing décor. Not only are these switches and wall plates more visually appealing, but they are easily operable by push, touch, wave or tap of a button.

Sleek Outdoor Lighting

When the exterior of your home lacks light, you may not have room for additional fixtures. In response, LED step lighting for outdoor applications not only saves space, but also energy! The average LED bulb lasts about 25,000 hours compared to the incandescent at 1,500. Efficiently light the way for guests without raising energy costs or sacrificing the beauty of your landscape.

Space-Saving Indoor Lighting

Inside your home, the kitchen is another common area where lighting may be insufficient. Yet this room is often too full of appliances, cookware and glasses for extra light fixtures. In this case, you need a solution that doesn’t take up any counter space. Under-cabinet lighting, installed beneath kitchen cabinets with no visible wiring, provides the concentrated illumination you need to complete tasks.

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How to Light Open Floor Plans

Homes with open floor designs are perfect for families. The interconnected spaces make it easy to interact with guests or keep an eye on the kids in the living room, while you cook in the kitchen. However, it can be a challenge to properly light these expansive areas. We have 3 tips to help you choose the best lighting for functionality and comfort.

Open Floor Plan Lighting

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Establish Focal Points

Open floor plan We often talk about layered lighting: Ambient, task and accent. In open-air spaces that combine kitchen and living areas, this can be a difficult task, as you don’t want the whole space to be under or over-lit. We recommend marking each area with a statement fixture to provide general illumination. For instance:

  • Pendant lighting over the kitchen island
  • An oversized fixture in the living room
  • A unique chandelier above the dining room table

From there, you can sprinkle in task lighting and accent fixtures without overpowering the area. For example, undercabinet lighting in the kitchen for food prep or table lamps in the family room for reading.

Match Lighting & Decor

The different spaces of an open floor plan should complement one another. When viewed as a whole, you don’t want any elements to clash with others. If you’ve chosen a vintage design scheme, balance that style preference with antique light fixtures from our sister store, Restoration Lighting Gallery!

Similarly, if your living spaces feature modern patterns, build upon those designs with contemporary light fixtures – perhaps featuring bold geometric elements or mixed metals.

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