Lighting Your Pathway

Landscape lighting is practical, visually appealing and oftentimes necessary to see. It can highlight the best features of your home’s exterior, which increases curb appeal and creates a welcoming atmosphere. When the sun goes down and you have guests over, is the path from your driveway to the front door illuminated? To get started, consider these pathway lighting ideas.

Explore Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Kichler Design Pro LED Accent Light

Kichler Design Pro LED Accent Light

At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we carry a vast inventory of landscape lighting fixtures in all different styles and capabilities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let your landscape help guide your decisions. For example, if your pathway has a staircase, consider step or wall lights. Other options include:

Accent Lights

We carry Kichler products, a leader in the lighting industry. Their Radiax™ products use exclusively engineered technology to focus light more precisely. Design Pro LED accent lights can be used to highlight one particular spot or spread light across an entire area.

LED Step Lights

The first benefit of these products is their LED capability. LED bulbs use less energy and produce brighter light than standard incandescent bulbs. Second, they are easily installed and take up virtually no space on your steps. The area beneath each step is lit, so you can clearly see the next step.

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Increase Property Value with Lighting

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home in the near future, there could come a time when you have to relocate. Homeowners should at least maintain or try to increase the value of their home over time to get the best possible return on investment. You never know when the decision to move will have to be made. An easy way to improve your property value right now is with lighting. The following tips start with the exterior and move inside the home.

Landscape Lighting Design

Curb appeal is an evaluation of how attractive the outside of your home is from the street. How would someone standing on the curb rate the appearance of your house? Curb appeal is important for sellers to master because it helps shape buyers’ first impressions. Homeowners can accomplish this with landscape lighting.

Highlight The Best Features

If you keep a well-manicured lawn, why not let others admire it? Exterior lighting can help illuminate your trimmed hedges or highlight your new garden. Post and path lights can help brighten up the walkway for guests who enter and exit your home in the evening.

Draw Attention to the Front Door

In addition to general curb appeal, the front door is the first introduction to your home. It sets the scene for what a visitor can expect to see on the inside. Not only should it be properly painted, but it should be illuminated if possible. If your front entrance has an awning or portico, you can easily hang a pendant and keep it protected from the elements. Or, you can also place wall sconces on either side of the door. Again, lighting is welcoming!

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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Summer

Summer is a popular season for entertaining. Outdoor barbecues, wedding receptions and other get-togethers are meant to be enjoyed in beautiful summer weather, but is the area outside of your home well lit? The summer breeze and the smell of food grilling may entice your guests, but not if it’s difficult to see! We have several tips for lighting your patio, walkway and overall landscape to create the perfect summer party setting.

Light the Pathway

ol5901bkSummer days stay lighter longer, but even dusk can make it hard to see where you’re walking. You can lessen the risk of guests losing their footing by illuminating your walkway with outdoor post mounts. As opposed to in-ground fixtures, posts are tall, thus throwing more overall light to make the whole path visible. Feiss Lighting has an extensive line of outdoor lighting products, including post lights, in several finishes.

Layer Lighting

While you don’t want your guests to be sitting in the dark, you also don’t want it to be too bright outdoors either. Soft lighting creates a special mood for summer pastimes, like nighttime picnics and bonfires. Layer your lighting, complementing your existing exterior lighting with fixtures placed higher up or down below. If your tabletops are already illuminated by candles or a backdoor spotlight, hang lanterns on the outskirts of your patio.

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Save Energy in Style

The introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs is nothing new, but their use in exterior lighting products is a relatively fresh concept. Just as you may have replaced incandescent bulbs inside your home to cut back on energy costs, have you considered doing the same outdoors? If you’re adding exterior lighting to your landscape to enhance curb appeal or for security reasons, consider these brands as potential options:

Brass Traditions

For original, hand-crafted pieces, this local company offers several series of wall lights, hanging lights, post lights and garden lights to complement your home’s exterior. Their brass and copper fixtures are uniquely designed, available in a variety of antique finishes.


For the discerning homeowner, Feiss products are distinctively crafted and make a beautiful impression. The Pediment Collection of wall and hanging lanterns, post lights and flush mounts look vintage and feature clear seeded glass, inspired by the streets of London.

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