Great Ideas For Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Lighting changes the whole look and feel of a space. Many customers think of Connecticut Lighting Centers for decorative lighting but are surprised to learn we can walk you through the remodeling process for the rooms in your home! For National High Five Day on April 18th, Better CT’s Scot Haney stopped by the showroom to see all the great ideas we have for kitchen or bath remodels.

Kitchen & Bath Products

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Functional Kitchen Lighting

Within Connecticut Lighting Centers, we have built a kitchen to show customers the many different ways light can enhance the look of the room. One innovative way to light areas of your kitchen that you’ve never been able to properly illuminate is with LED ribbon lighting.

Although the tape looks small, it has great light output and no glare inside a glass cabinet, since you can’t see the source. Apply above, below and even inside cabinets to save space.

For recessed lighting, we have cans from two to five inches wide in a variety of styles. From LED and integrated LED to incandescent, there are so many options to create the aesthetic you want! Recessed cans have incredible light input and a clean look for the ceiling.

We also have a large selection of decorative options that does the functional side right, but also serves as a nice focal point in your kitchen. From mini pendants to large pendants and fixtures, you can choose whatever you style you want.

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Bathroom Lighting Trends for 2019

The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the home. Why wouldn’t you want it to look great? If you have been dealing with insufficient lighting, shadows or too much brightness at the wrong time, make 2019 the year you upgrade your bathroom! What are some lighting trends on the rise for the new year?

Modern Bathroom Lighting

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Lighting Around the Vanity

blue bathroom In traditional bathroom lighting design, a bath bar is placed above the mirror for general illumination. However, overhead lighting on its own can cast shadows that make it difficult to shave or apply makeup. Consider adding vertical fixtures on either side of the mirror for more even lighting.

Swing arm sconces are both stylish and functional. They modernize the look of your bathroom and can be adjusted to meet your particular needs.

Task & Accent Lighting

When lighting a room, we tend to focus on the general illumination and can forget about the other needs for light. Task lighting is especially important in the bathroom, where you spend time getting ready and winding down after a long day. As mentioned, task lighting installed around the vanity provides more uniform brightness when and where its needed.

On the other hand, you may have some unique features in your bathroom that you want to highlight. Consider adding accent lighting to show off plants, artwork or bathroom shelving.

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3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

The average American moves approximately 11.7 times in a lifetime. Whether you plan to stay in your current home for years or are thinking about moving, home improvement is always a good idea. Enjoy the space while you live there, but also choose features you know will attract future homebuyers to your property. What are three surefire upgrades to increase your home’s resale value?

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Kitchen Lighting & Hardware

Kitchen island lightingAsk a group of real estate experts and they’ll likely agree that kitchen upgrades are the number one return on investment for homeowners. The kitchen is a highly functional space for families. From cooking the daily meals to the kids doing their homework at the table, your kitchen gets plenty of use.

When performing these tasks, proper lighting is essential. Add a “wow” factor to the room with under-cabinet lighting for your illumination needs. Not only does this option save space, but it can also be used as ambient, task or accent lighting.

Don’t forget about the cabinet and door hardware! Repainting the cabinets and updating knobs and pulls may seem like small improvements, but they can make a big impact. A sliding barn door track to close off the pantry or dining room can also add an element of sophistication to any style kitchen.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is another space that can make or break the sale of a house. Outdated fixtures, flooring and other amenities should be upgraded to what the modern homeowner wants – a relaxing, spa-like environment.

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Inspiration for Bathroom Lighting

For many of us, our days begin and end in the bathroom. Come morning, it’s time to get ready for the day with a hot shower and at nighttime, maybe you unwind with a good book and bath. No matter your daily routine, an important part of it takes place here.

Think about it – when styling your hair, shaving or applying makeup, is there adequate lighting? If you fail to see that you have missed a patch of facial hair or overapplied eyeliner until out of the bathroom, it’s time to rethink your lighting design.

One Light Is Not Enough

Bathroom vanity lighting Let’s say your bathroom is modestly sized. It’s not a master hotel suite, but there is a double vanity sink, a toilet and shower spread out comfortably. Installing one light fixture and expecting it to provide all the illumination you need is a common mistake.

What happens when the main light fixture by the sink does not distribute an equal amount of light to the tub? Performing grooming tasks becomes more difficult and, in some cases, a safety hazard.

Downlighting Casts Shadows

On the same note, a light placed directly above the bathroom mirror or shower is inefficient. Why? As soon as you stand in its path, you block all illumination and make everyday tasks harder to perform. For this reason, wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror make the best vanity lights and dispersed recessed cans work better than one flush mount.

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Tips for Proper Bathroom Lighting

In many households, the bathroom is arguably the most used room. For all of the time we spend cleaning, grooming and relaxing in the bathroom, the room deserves to be properly lit! Yet, many homeowners neglect to put much thought into its lighting design. We offer four best practices for bathroom lighting from our experts.

Illuminate the Vanity with Side Lights

Kichler 1-light polished nickel wall sconce

Kichler 1-light polished nickel wall sconce

An important lesson to learn about bathroom lighting is to never have recessed lights above your vanity mirror as the only source of illumination. Downlighting casts shadows that make you appear less attractive and make it more difficult to complete grooming tasks. Placing wall sconces on either side of the mirror will distribute light evenly and help you avoid injury when shaving.

Mount a Light Above the Tub

In many bathrooms, the shower is situated in a corner where light cannot reach. To combat the issue of limited light when you’re trying to shave or reach the shampoo bottle, have a light installed right above the tub. A recessed can will throw just the right amount of light to help you see, without being too harsh in the early morning or late night hours.

Install Separate Dimmers

Depending on the time of day, you want different levels of light. For instance, when you’ve just woken up in the morning, you likely prefer less light; maybe you switch on the wall sconces by the vanity and that’s it. If you have one dimmer for three different sources of light, you won’t have full control over the bathroom lighting. Instead, have a dimmer panel for each source: sconces, recessed cans, chandelier, etc.

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