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Satco Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are the current trend in lighting, and will most likely continue to be due to their energy-efficiency and high performance, both of which are well above other styles. The LED buying experience can be confusing, since so much has changed in lighting over the years. We can tell you what all the terms mean, why not all LEDs are created equal, and determine which bulb is the best for you. At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we carry reliable brands such as Satco.

Well-Crafted, Energy Star Products

For more than 50 years, Satco has been a premier provider of quality lighting solutions for the home and business owner. The company’s experience in the lighting industry goes back four generations to the original Thomas Edison Laboratory! Since launching Nuvo Lighting in 2005, Satco has created one of the most advanced research and development programs to pursue the capabilities of LED technology.

High-Quality LED Performance

Satco has 14 varieties of LED lighting, including LED candles, retrofits, filament lamps, reflectors, and modules. Whether you’re looking for a traditional light bulb with dependable performance or a more modern replacement for your incandescent lighting, Satco has the bulb for you!

At Connecticut Lighting Centers, we offer an exclusive five-year warranty on all our LED bulbs, including those from the Satco brand.

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