Quick Tips for Lighting Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to accessorizing your home and landscape, many people are focused on the aesthetics. While style is certainly important, size and functionality are critical to properly illuminate a space. For outdoor living, fixtures should disperse enough light to help guests see where they’re walking and highlight the best features of your lawn. Learn more about lighting your exterior spaces!

Outdoor Lighting

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Pathway Lighting

Kichler Path LightStarting at the foot of your driveway, would someone be able to see the way to your front door at nighttime? Path lights leading to the entryway provide safety and security when the sun goes down.

The fixtures should be placed about six to eight feet apart or closer, depending on how bright of a glow you want, with additional step or spotlights as needed.

Porch Lighting

How big is your front porch? The area covered will determine the size and number of fixtures needed. For instance, a wraparound will require more illumination than a stoop but choosing oversized fixtures could make a big space look smaller.

The outdoors are a natural space, so less artificial light is often better for ambiance. A few recessed cans or hanging lanterns add a light glow that doesn’t overwhelm the area.

If your porch has a large seating area to accommodate several guests, the light and air circulation from an outdoor ceiling fan could also be beneficial.

Doorway Lighting

There are two popular choices for entryway lighting: a semi-flush mount above or two wall sconces that frame the door. If the ceiling height is low, wall sconces tend to be the better choice to accommodate taller guests. The general rule of thumb for wall sconces is one-quarter to one-third the height of the front door, placed slightly above eye level. For additional lighting, mount two more sconces on the pillars leading to the porch steps.
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