How to Properly Hang a Mirror

There are many benefits of decorating interior rooms with mirrors. These versatile home accents add depth, which make small areas appear larger, and can make a big style statement. If you’re considering a mirror for your home, it’s best to have a plan before making a selection. What should you know about mirror placement?

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Placement Can Vary

The first question to ask yourself is which room the mirror will be hung. For a bathroom, make sure there is enough wall height to hang the mirror several inches above the sink to avoid excessive water backsplash. When it comes to the dining room, the mirror should be strategically placed to avoid glare from the main light fixture.

Mirrors also look great in hallways, as they give the illusion of space to narrow areas. Placed above an accent table, you’ll be able to catch your reflection on the way in and out.

Making a Selection

Once you have decided where the mirror will go, bring your room dimensions and wall measurements to one of our showrooms. Our expert staff will show you some mirrors that are appropriately sized for your needs. From there, you can pick the style and features that suit your existing home layout and decor.

Tips to Hang a Mirror

When it comes time to hang the mirror, make sure you have someone to help hold it while you measure the ideal wall height. Once it’s level, mark the wall on top of the mirror, as well as on either side of the hanging brackets. Next, measure the distance between the brackets and mark where you will install the hardware. From here, do a final level check and drill in your hardware. For heavier mirrors, studs are recommended to better support the weight.

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Disclaimer: These general tips may not apply to every size and style mirror. If you have any questions, please contact our staff and we’d be happy to help in your unique situation.

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